NEXT is a free, open source Java and HTML5 framework for building Native Looking web applications for smartphones and tablets. NEXT is provided under a Apache license and is available on GitHub for forking and contribution.

NEXT is device agnostic and runs on 6 different platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS6+, webOS, Samsung bada and BlackBerry PlayBook. It is completely based on web standards like HTML5 and CSS3.

Influenced by Apple’s Cocoa Touch, NEXT is using MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern, allowing rapid HTML5 mobile development and leaving you focused on your real business problems.

With attention to details, NEXT brings Astonishing Touch Optimized User Interfaces which are pleasure to use and run most WebKit Mobile Phones and Tablets.

You don’t have to be a JavaScript Ninja to build Web User Interfaces. Web should be simple.

NEXT gives you the comfort of strict type coding in Java and GWT, and fulfills Java's promise of "Write Once and Run Anywhere" deploying from iPhone and Android to BlackBerry, PlayBook, webOS and Samsung Bada.

NEXT allows you to build web application running on phone's browser, yet it can be installed as an HTML5 app too. It's based on the powerful gwt-mobile framework and integrates easily with PhoneGap giving you access to Phone's native API.

Open Sourced under Apache license, v2.0

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